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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the service work?

Create an account, fill in the information required for approval to the different stores, upload the required APKs and assets and click submit. We'll handle setting up developer accounts and submitting to each of the app stores for approval and you'll be able to monitor progress of each submission right from your account plus you'll maintain the direct relationship with each appstore (i.e. we don't handle your payments in any way).

2. How do you get the downloads included in the plans?

We leverage our app store partners and their promotional tools (feature placement, emails to users, etc.) to drive non-incentived installs of your app. This ensures you're getting real users. We don't believe in using incentive based install programs.

3. Which App Stores do you support?

Google Play, Amazon AppStore, GetJar, SamSung, SlideMe, Mobile9, Mobango, Nook, AppsLib, Soc.io Mall and many more! See a complete list here.

4. Can I submit tablet apps?


5. Can I submit updates through your service?

Yes. Each plan is for a yearly subscription so all updates during the subscription can be done through CodeNgo.

6. Can I still submit through you if I already have a developer account for some of the app stores?

Yes, we can use your existing developer account(s), create new ones for you or you can exclude specific stores from the submission list.

7. Can I submit apps for my clients?

Yes, you can create profiles for yourself and/or your clients and submit on their behalf.

8. How do I know which stores are right for my app?

We've created a simple table that provides an overview of all of the app stores which we support. You can view that table here.

9. How many image assets are required to support all of these stores?

A lot! Over 60 images in total of different dimensions, file types and sizes are requested. Fortunately we've created a app specific image resizer that takes the pain out of creating images. Just upload a few hi-res images and in just a few minutes you'll have all of the high quality images that you require for all app stores without having to worry about file types or sizes.

10. Does CodeNgo collect publishers' payments from the App Stores?

No, we do not get involved in the revenue stream between publishers and app stores.

11. How quickly do I get my included downloads?

How quickly you get the downloads will vary somewhat by the type of app and how good it is. Typically it will happen within the first 4-8 weeks, but it may take longer.  If you for whatever reason do not achieve the downloads you have paid for, you will be refunded for 90% of the un-achieved portion of your downloads (10% is kept to cover the submission).

12. What happens if I can cancel my subscription?

You own all of the accounts managed through CodeNgo. If you choose to cancel then we'll provide you with all of the login details for all of the accounts we've set up for you and you can manage them just as if you set them up yourself. There is no risk to you at all!