Mobile Apps for a Smarter Business โ€“ How It can Increase your Productivity

In this guest post you can read about how mobile apps can increase your own and your business productivity. by Alycia Gordan The wonders that tag along with a mobile app, are hard to ignore. In fact, you will eventually fall down the corporate grid if you do not go digital right away. Your business… Read more »

How To Engage Social Media Users To Market Mobile Apps?

Smartphones are the first thing that you will find to be with anyone you meet. More than a partner, smartphones are the necessity of today’s human beings, and the next best thing to smartphones is their apps. These apps can assist you in tracking your food to book tickets online. From buying a paperclip to… Read more »

Small Business Loans and App Developers: A Great Combination

CodeNgo note:ย  We normally write about app development or marketing only, but realize most app developers are really small business owners. We hope you enjoy this article from Camino Financial about small business loans. by Camino Financial App development is a complex process of algorithms and codes, especially for those outside the programming field. However,… Read more »

5 effective pieces of advice for mobile games localization

Mobile gaming is a billion-dollar global business. These days, people download highly sophisticated games from Google Play and App Store. Games make money for its developers, not to mention copyright owners. Even if the products are offered for free, publishers still make a great deal of money from in-app purchases. Given that the industry will… Read more »

How Location-Based Mobile Apps Make Cities Smarter

Technology is revolutionizing almost each and every aspect of our lives. Governments and businesses are adopting technology in their daily operations, and in some areas, the results are spectacular. Implementation in various domains is working and is making life easier for citizens and consumers alike, especially with location-based apps. by Donald Fomby City authorities are… Read more »

3 Ideas to Outsmart Your Kids Online

Nowadays, kids are more connected to the internet, and it has become part of their life. Though the internet has many advantages, there are multiple potential risks to make parents concerned. Therefore, it’s a dangerous place if not controlled appropriately, and kids can get exposed to inappropriate information. Luckily, there are many online safety tips… Read more »

What is the best app to sell locally?

Are you a frugal enthusiast? The one who practices and advocates frugal living. If you are, then be a proud one. Because frugal living is not just about cheaper things or saving. Its a way of life. A life spent with the purpose of not spending your hard-earned money on pity things but on many… Read more »

Top 9 Best Value 3rd Party Android App Stores Proven Free of Malware & for Additional Developer Exposure

Google has improved its Android app Store a lot in the past few years, but sometimes you need an alternative. For those times, here are 9 great Play Store alternatives that you should know about right now. While these alternatives may not provide you with all the functionality you may desire, they can come in… Read more »

Mobile gaming apps still on the rise

Mobile gaming apps continue to grow at a fast and furious pace, set to reach 60% market share in consumer gaming spend in 2019. In partnership with AppsFlyer, the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics; the 2019 Mobile Gaming Apps Report delivers valuable user acquisition trends and benchmarks by mobile gaming sub-category, including… Read more »

State of mobile in 2019

In 2018, there were more than 4 billion mobile devices โ€“ both smartphones and tablets โ€“ in circulation worldwide. In mature markets, many people own more than one device, while in emerging countries such as India and the Philippines, where the internet is mostly mobile, a large segment of the population can only access the… Read more »

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